A doctor hires an escort to seduce her husband, whom she
suspects of cheating, though unforeseen events put the family in danger



In a voice-over, Chloe discusses her business as a call girl. Catherine is agynecologist and her husband David is a college professor. Catherine suspects David of having an affair after she sees a cell-phone picture of him with a female student.
Catherine stops by the hotel bar where Chloe waits for clients, telling Chloe that she wants to hire her to test David's loyalty. Chloe later tells Catherine that David asked her if he could kiss her, which he did. Catherine is angered but insists that Chloe meet with David again.
Over the next few nights, Catherine and Chloe meet multiple times, and Chloe describes in explicit detail her encounters with David, which arouses Catherine during one meeting; Chloe kisses Catherine, and Catherine, surprised by this, abruptly leaves. Later, when meeting with David at a get-together, she is taken aback by his awareness of the scent of her lotion; it is the same lotion that Chloe wears. Upset by this, Catherine leaves and meets with Chloe at a hotel; she asks Chloe to show her how David touches her, then has sex with her.
When Catherine arrives home later than usual, David asks her if she has been unfaithful. Catherine tells him she thinks he has been unfaithful as well, and the two argue, stopping after being interrupted by their son, Michael.
Catherine meets with Chloe and calls off their relationship but later asks her to meet her at a coffee house frequented by David. While there, she demands that David admit that he is having an affair. Chloe walks in, as requested by Catherine. David does not recognize her. Chloe leaves quickly, and Catherine realizes that Chloe made up her encounters with David.
David admits that he has fantasized about other women, and expects Catherine to make a similar admission. When she does not, David becomes agitated. Catherine then confesses her sexual encounter with Chloe. She apologizes, saying that she felt she became invisible to David as she aged, while David became more attractive to her, and that this got in the way of their sex life. The couple reconciles.
Chloe goes to Catherine and David's house and has sex with Michael in their bed. Catherine interrupts them. Chloe tells Catherine that she is in love with her. She threatens to hurt Catherine with her hair pin.
Catherine asks Chloe what she wants. Chloe requests a kiss, and Catherine complies. Michael sees, startling Catherine and causing her to push Chloe into the bedroom window. Chloe manages to grab hold of the frame, but she intentionally lets goand falls to her death. Sometime later, at Michael's graduation party, Catherine is wearing Chloe's hairpin in her hair.
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