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curse of chucky 2013 online free

Curse of Chucky 2013

After her mother's mysterious death, Nica begins to
suspect that the talking, red-haired doll her visiting niece has been playing with
 may be the key to recent bloodshed and chaos

Curse of Chucky 2013 

97 min





Set twenty-five years after Child's Play[2] and some time after the events ofSeed of Chucky, the Chucky doll (voiced by Brad Dourif) mysteriously arrives in the mail of the home of paraplegic Nica Pierce (Fiona Dourif) and her mother, Sarah. Later that night Sarah is found dead from a stab wound and her death proclaimed a suicide.
Soon afterward, Nica is visited by her older sister Barb (Danielle Bisutti), accompanied by Barb's husband Ian, their six-year-old daughter Alice, their live-in nanny Jill and Father Frank, a priest. Alice finds Chucky and, since everyone thinks that he's just a doll, is allowed to keep him. That night, Chucky secretly pours rat poison into one of the group's dinner bowls. Father Frank eats the poison and, after leaving the house, is killed in a car crash.
After everyone else has gone to sleep, Nica investigates the Chucky doll on the internet, and finds news articles of the unsolved Chucky murders and the doll's link to dead serial killer Charles Lee Ray. Elsewhere, Chucky electrocutes Jill by kicking a bucket of water onto the floor's power outlets; this also causes a blackout. Barb gets up to check on Alice, and is attacked by Chucky with a kitchen knife. Nica hears Barb's cries but has to crawl up the stairs with her hands due to the blackout making the elevator unusable. By the time Nica gets there, Barb is dead with her eye gouged out, and Nica sees for herself that the Chucky doll is alive. When Chucky flees, Nica wakes Ian up in a panic. He takes Nica to the garage before going back into the house to find Alice.
Ian cannot find Alice, so he returns to the garage and disarms Nica, believing her to be responsible for the murders. Nica insists that Chucky is alive, but Chucky acts like a lifeless doll when Ian looks at him. Ian decides to review the footage from a hidden camera that he planted on Chucky earlier (to get evidence of Barb's affair with Jill) and learns that Alice is locked in a closet and that Chucky truly is alive. Before Ian can act, Chucky severs his jaw with a hatchet. Nica manages to break out of her restraints and tries to kill Chucky, but she fails and Chucky pushes her over the balcony onto the ground floor.
When Nica asks why Chucky is doing this, he explains through flashbacks that he was a family friend and in love with Sarah. Chucky killed Nica's father and kidnapped Sarah while she was pregnant with Nica. When Chucky realized Sarah betrayed him by calling the police, he stabbed her in the stomach (which resulted in Nica being born paraplegic) and fled. Chucky's flight from the police lead to his death as a human, setting off the events of the film series, which is why he came back to Sarah for revenge. Before Chucky can kill her, Nica fights back, leading to an extended scuffle. A police officer then arrives at the house, but when he enters he only sees Barb's body upstairs and Nica holding the bloody knife. Chucky watches, unmoving, from a nearby chair.
Some time later, Nica is found guilty of the murders and sent to a mental asylum. Chucky has been retained by the police as an exhibit for the trials, and afterward the corrupt arresting officer takes Chucky away to be delivered to an unknown person. The officer gets in his car and sees Chucky breathing in the bag. Before the officer can inspect the bag, he is cut in the throat and killed by Tiffany, who has been hiding in the back seat before collecting Chucky and asking, "Who's next?"
Alice, now living with her grandmother, comes home from school to find Chucky waiting for her. Chucky persuades Alice to play "Hide The Soul", starting a chant that is supposed to transfer his soul to Alice's body.
In a post-credits scene set six months later, Chucky, who has seemingly failed to possess the girl, is delivered to the now-adult Andy Barclay (Alex Vincent). When Andy turns his back to answer a phone call from his mother, Chucky cuts his way out of the package with a knife. Andy, having anticipated Chucky coming after him again, holds a shotgun to Chucky's head and quotes, "Play with this," before pulling the trigger

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